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Short History of the Afghan National Commission

Our beloved country Afghanistan was adopted as member State of UNESCO on May 4th, 1948 corresponding to 14 Sawor, 1327 ( A.H ). After the acquisition of the membership of UNESCO, the Afghan National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO was established and meanwhile Afghanistan was adopted as Member State of Islamic Educational, Science and Cultural Organization ( ISESCO ) in 2003.

As there was not a separate ( Tashkeel ) for the Organization of ISESCO within the Tashkeel of the Ministry of Education in order to undertake the responsibility of implementing its educational and cultural programs, therefore, ISESCO was merged with the Afghan National Commission for UNESCO at that time and this National Commission manages the programs of both organizations since. The leadership of the National Commission hopes and makes efforts to draw the attention of ISESCO once again by strengthening good and profitable relations through which ISESCO will restart its collaboration with National Commission concerning granting fellowships and extending its assistance to National Commission. Thus, the Afghan National Commission will attain the trust of ISESCO.