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Celebrate Mother Language Day with Google Translate

Celebrate Mother Language Day with Google Translate. Help improve your language: translate.google.com/community

Source: http://www.internationalmotherlanguageday.com/

February 21 is the International Mother Language Day (IMLD). Together with UNESCO we will celebrate IMLD online.

Please invite your friends and request them to celebrate IMLD by doing following:

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Join Your Nearest Celebration!
You and your friends are going to need somewhere to go out and celebrate International Mother Language Day. To know more about the day and events, please visit this website:

Do you know about the History of International Mother Language Day? Why February 21 was chosen? International Mother Language Day originated as the international recognition of Language Movement Day, which has been commemorated in Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) since 1952, when a number of Dhaka university students were killed by the Pakistani police and army in Dhaka during the Bengali Language Movement. This is the only event where people give their lives to keep the independence of using their mother language. To remember them there is a monument named Language Martyr’s Monument (Shahid Minar) in Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Every year more than a million people give flowers there. This is a big event in Bangladesh. Many foreigners visit Bangladesh just to experience the way of Bangladeshi people give respect to those brave hearts. In every district of Bangladesh has a Language Martyr’s Monument, where local people give flower to remember those brave hearts. Language Martyr’s Monument is also built in Ikebukoro park of Tokyo- Japan, USA, UK, Italy and many other countries. Visit us at online blackjack. Please think about your Mother Language not only in February 21 but also in other days. If you did not hear about Bengali or bangla before then for your information: With nearly 230 million total speakers, Bengali is the 6th most spoken language in the world. Regulated by Bangla Academy, Bangladesh.

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