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The needs of youth and their Role in the Development of the Country

Associate researcher Abdul Jabar Nader


The needs of youth and their Role in the Development of the Country

Youths constitute an important stratum of the Afghan Society facing numerous problems in our society which has been suffering a lot since 1978 especially the youth stratum who have unfortunately been deprived to contribute to the development of the nation (Afghanistan). In fact, they have been ignored and little attention has been paid to them in many circumstances in regards to their needs and their role they can play in the prosperity and comprehensive development of education and a nation as well.

What do the youth need to be given to them in order to involve them in the social, economic and educational activities not only at national but at international levels as well. The response given to this question differs from one sociologist to another for their views and the angle from which they look at the youths’ potentiality and capability are different. To my knowledge, the most ardent wish of young people not only of the Afghan youth but the youth of other nations as well is the opportunity to be given to them to participate as full and equal citizens in today’s world.

They perceive themselves as capable of assuming responsible, determining roles in society. They need only be given the opportunity to play their role in the comprehensive development of their own societies.

Historically, where significant social change has taken place young people have been in the vanguard. But today what role do young people play in contemporary societies? What types of opportunities exist for them to be taken as serous and reliable partners in the conceptualization, planning and implementation of policies and programs in their communities and societies while they simultaneously plan an active part in effecting social change?

According to a booklet published by youth co-ordination unit Bureau of Strategic Planning UNESCO, Today there are over 1 billion youth people aged 15-24 living on the Planet Earth almost 20% of total World Population. This enormous group is a veritable demographic force in constant movement needing and demanding food and housing, education, training, jobs and cultural inspiration. Youth also represents an essential and dynamic part of the world’s human resources.

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