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H.E Dr. Asadullah Hanif Balkhi Minister of Education had a meeting with Mr. Paolo Fontani the Head and Authorized Representative of UNESCO in Kabul.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the challenges faced by the Afghan National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO, and seeking suitable ways for tackling of these challenges and the forthcoming developmental plans of ANCUI.

Participant of the meeting were:

1- Mr. Paolo Fontani head of office and representative of UNESCO in Kabul

2- Mr. Mohammad Shakir Habibyar Secretary General of the Afghan National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO.

3- Mr. Danilo Padella, Head of education department of UNESCO in Kabul.

4- Mr. Masanori Nagaoka Head of cultural department of UNESCO in Kabul.

The issues discussed in this meeting were:

Introduction of the newly appointed Heads for Culture and ELA Departments of UNESCO.

Discussion regarding the consolidation and expansion of working relation of ANCUI pertaining to UNESCO office in Afghanistan and other National Commissions of the region and the world.

Introduction of the Secretary General to UNESCO, Paris through MOFA-Afghanistan.

Discussion on the ways through which the solution could be found for the six projects already forwarded to UNESCO under the participation program.

Discussion and exchange of views and glorification of International Literacy Day (ILD) which will take place in the month of September, 2015.

Discussion on developing a sound mechanism for communication between ANCUI and other Natcoms of the region.

The Talking Points of H.E Minister of Education in this meeting were:

With your permission On behalf of Ministry of Education, I would like to express my thanks to the Head of UNESCO in Kabul for its generous assistance and support to the Ministry’s programs and its effective cooperation in the various fields of Education, especially in the promotion of Literacy level of illiterate people as well as guiding the capacity and abilities of teachers and the establishment of communication linkage between the International Organization.

I congratulate and admire the appointment of Danilo Padella as Head of Education Department in UNESCO Kabul. I wish him success in his routine works assigned to him. And also wish Mr. Nagaoka succeed in handling his daily functions and carrying out his responsibilities successfully.

The new leadership of the Ministry of Education taking into account, the importance of the functions, Educational and Cultural programs and pressing needs of ANCUI, is fully determined and will strive to strengthen the management system and structure of the mentioned commission.

Since the Afghan National Commission is highly important both for the Ministry of Education and the leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Therefore, I made a decision to appoint Mr. Mohammad Shakir Habibyar as Secretary General for Afghan National Commission for UNESCO & ISESCO. Mr. Habibyar, who is a professional and young cadre, will strive as far as possible to bring some changes by making use of his skills in new experiences that he has gained in the area of Management.

I personally contacted the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and talked to him in regards to addressing the problem of the approval of the six projects under the participation program of UNESCO. Minister of Foreign Affairs promised to find solutions to this problem through communication and mutual understanding with UNESCO head quarters.

I have conducted the Acting Secretary General to pay the serious attention in order to strengthen relations with the concerned Organizations, office of UNESCO in Kabul and other related institution as well to manage their affairs regarding the mutual cooperation in a good manner.

At the end Mr. Paolo Fontani expressed his thanks for planning coordination and holding this meeting and meanwhile he appreciated the new leadership of the Ministry of Education and added that from now on there would be a strong and perpetual coordination and collaboration between UNESCO office in Kabul and Afghan National Commission in the implementation of UNESCO’s programs for Afghanistan and we will take firm steps toward strengthening this coordination and cooperation.

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